Sunday, 23 August 2015

Some Pretty Stitching

Hello lovely people!

When I went to the knitting and stitching show I saw Rowandean doing a small free class and it looked really interesting so I bought a small kit to try it.  You are given some fabric with a design printed on it and sheer bits of fabric and a selection of threads.  You can buy these kits on amazon now too.

Then you have to pin some o the sheer fabric over the flower heads and layer them over the grassy part until you are happy with the colours and arrangement.

I made sure to fray the edges of the sheer fabric to make it a bit more interesting.  Then I started to sew.  The stitches used are french knot, stem stitch, detached chain or lazy daisy stitch and wheat ear stitch.

It took me a few hours to complete this wee project and I think it looks really cute.  I just don't know what to do with it now?  I may make it into a needle case as my other one is falling apart.

 Dittery Dot