Monday, 1 June 2015

Peggy Dollies!

Hello lovely people!

I have been very busy with work etc and wanted to do some drawing and start a sketchbook.  I want to make up my ow characters and designs to make brooches and bags etc.  I thought that the dolls I make would be a good starting point.  I like drawing and am always doodling on scrap bits of paper at work and on my hand when I get bored.  So I came up with some doll designs and here they are :)  I have based them on friends and myself and I used coloured pencil to add a bit of depth and colour.

This is Dittery Dot.
She always has a bow or flower in her hair and loves to sew!

This is Kate.
Her hair is always in a plait and she loves to go out in the sunshine.

This is Wee Granny.
She loves her roses and the smell of lavender.

This is Lola-rose.
She loves to dress up and has a quiet, gentle nature.

This is Lou-lou.
She loves lace and buttons and baking is her favourite past-time.

Dittery Dot

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