Thursday, 16 April 2015

Weaving on hula hoops!

Hello lovely people!

In craft club this term we have been learning how to weave!   It has been great fun and the children have really enjoyed it.  This would work for any age and is very easy to do.

We collected old CDs, t-shirts, fabric, wool and ribbon for this project.  First we wove on CDs that I had stuck wool to.  They looked a bit like mini bike wheels.

Some of the children used a big tapestry needle to help them weave the wool over and under the woollen spokes.  Some just used their fingers.

This is what we ended up with!  Each one was so colourful and unique.

The end results are lovely!  We have lots of different textures and colours.

The children then strung them together to create a colourful hanging item for their rooms.  At the moment we are displaying them in school so everyone can enjoy them.

Next we moved onto hula hoops!  I cut up lots of old t-shirts and used these to make the "spokes" on the hoops.  Then the children used ribbon, material and t-shirt strips to weave.

This child used lovely soft pastel colours for her rug.

The children then cut the spokes and tied them off with a simple knot.

The end results are lovely!  They were meant to be rugs but some are a bit small so we decided to turn them up and they are now placemats and bowls.

Dittery Dot

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