Friday, 30 January 2015

Up-cycle Your Chairs

Hello lovely people!

We have recently moved house and I have been really busy over the last few months doing up the house and recycling things.  I took these pictures a while ago and am only getting round to posting it now!

Ady's mum gave us a table and chairs that she no longer needed and I decided to spruce them up a bit.

I popped out the seat and roughly sanded down the wood and painted them white.

While the chairs were drying I had to set up the table base in the living room!  Again I sanded it down and painted it white.

Once this was dry I used masking tape to create stripes along the support and I then used blue and white paint (the blue matches the kitchen wall colour).

The chair cushions needed replacing and new covers.  So I got some fun fabric from Ikea and used this to cover the pads.

 I loved this fabric because the birds are really cute and it is a good bold pattern.

Voila!!!  I have a new set of chairs and table and it hasn't cost much at all!

Dittery Dots

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