Sunday, 14 December 2014

My very own Christmas angel!

Hello lovely people!

If you read my blog regularly then you will see that I make a lot of dollies and I usually give them away or make them as presents etc.  Sooo seeing as I am making my own Christmas decorations this year I have made some huge dollies.

I made them in the same way as my smaller dolls, I just made the pattern bigger.  I have created a Christmas angel and a Christmas elf.

Their hair has been inspired by Elsa and Anna from Frozen and so has the cape that my elf doll is wearing.  I think it has a nice shape and flow to it.

I got this wee wooden sled at a garden centre and painted it because the wood was very dull and boring.  My doll is just the right size for it!

I have a picture here to show you just how big these dolls are compared to my normal ones...

I don't think I have shared any pictures of this wee doll so here she is.

Dittery Dot

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