Saturday, 6 December 2014

DIY Christmas Decorations

Hello lovely people!

Well Christmas is just around the corner! How exciting!  I have been making lots of decorations for our house seeing as our decorations were ruined last year.

I made some small wool wreaths to hang on the tree.  These were super easy to make and would be a good one to do make with children.  All you need is some thin card and wool.

Then you wrap your wool around the card until you can't see any more of the cardboard.  Once you have done this you can add different colours and create patterns.

I made six different decorations and added ribbons and bells using a glue gun.  I think you could sew the ribbon on too but it would just take a bit more time.

I saw some wee foam wreaths at Hobbycraft and decided to get some to decorate the fireplace.  I cut strips of green fabric to wrap around the foam.

I used a hot glue gun to hold the fabric in place but you could use super glue or short pins too.  I liked the frayed edges so I left them.

Next I made some big bows from leftover ribbon I had and added a jingly bell.

Taa daa!  Here is my finished decoration :)

I got these wee decorations at a Christmas stall recently.  Aren't they great :)  These are all on my tree too.

Dittery Dots

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