Thursday, 11 December 2014

Craft Club Christmas Trees

Hello lovely people!

At craft club this term we have been making some fantastic pom pom Christmas trees and I wanted to share the finished trees with you.

First the children had to wind different shades of green wool around some cardboard rings.  I had made sure we had a small, medium and large circle.

Then I asked my dad for some old plant pots.   Once they had been washed the children painted them with glitter glue and used a glue gun to carefully stick fancy beads and ribbon onto the pots.

 Once it had all dried l placed a pencil and lots of wadding  into the pot.  After this I helped the children to place their pom poms onto the pencils.

 Then it was time to make a star for the top of the tree.   The children used felt and drew a star shape. Then  we used simple sewing stitches to sew it together.

 Next we used beads and tinsel to decorate our trees!   Ta dah!' Look at our lovely trees!

 Dittery Dots

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