Sunday, 5 October 2014

Hoop To It!! ;P

Hello lovely people!

Today I wanted to share a project with  you that I have been working on since last year!  It has just taken me a while to get round to finishing it.

I wanted to make wee tiny embroidered pieces of work and came up with the idea of tiny embroidery hoops.  I sketched a design out and  Ady put it onto the computer for me to adjust it a wee bit.  He knew someone who had a lazer cutter that would cut out my design.  So I ordered some pale pink acrylic and he cut me these really cute hoops!

It took me a few trys to get my fabric to stay in the frame but I managed it!  My first try was a hand stitched dittery dot logo, which took ages to do and made me go a wee bit cross eyed.  But it looks really cute and was worth it!

Now I have some really cute brooches for my coat!

Dittery Dot

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