Monday, 28 July 2014

Re-vamp your summer dress!

 Hello lovely people!

 It's the summer holidays! Yay! This will be my first summer holidays as a teaching assistant.   So I need to find lots to keep me busy, otherwise I will get bored.

 I bought this dress from Tesco. It's very nice but a bit plain and a tad short for me. It comes just above my knee and if I'm honest I like dresses to fall just below them ( I don't like my knees).

I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  Then I saw some fabric that was right up my street!

It was pink and had moustaches! In case you don't know these are 2 of my favourite things.

 So I set to work measuring how much I wanted to extend my dress.  To make it fall below my knee needed a 7 inch piece of fabric.  l cut a 18 inch  strip of fabric and folded it over.

I then pinned it to the dress and tried it on again to make sure I was happy with the length.

I was so I began to saw it together.  I decided to sew it under the bottom hemline because it would lie flatter and look better.

Here it is! I added some pink/blue ribbon around the waist to add more colour.  I am really pleased with the end result.

I did a similar thing to another dress I bought in the sale.  It is lovely but l chopped it to just below my knee, ( maxi-dress looked like a big nightie on me). 

I bought some dylon dye and followed the instructions.   I set up a tub under the clotheshorse and let the hem dangle in the water for half an hour.

After 30 minutes l rinsed the hem until the water ran  clear.  Then put it in the washing machine and hung it out to dry.

The colour is very subtle which is what I wanted and if I get bored with it, it will be easy to dye over the top.

Dittery Dot

Monday, 21 July 2014

Here Comes The Sun, Little Darling . .

Hello lovely people!

The sun has got his hat on! Hip, hip, hip hooray!!!

I was soooooo excited that we had some sun the other week that I had to dig out my sunglasses :)  The case I have for them is really bulky and took up a lot of space in my bag.
So I made a soft fabric one that is a much better size and sooo much lighter.  

I added some wee cute ladybug buttons I had and threaded a ribbon through the draw string I added at the top and it was done :)

If you want to make your own just make sure you have enough fabric to cover your glasses.  I drew round mine and added a 1cm seam allowance.

Then I used a safety pin to pull my ribbon through the top and knotted the ends :)

Dittery Dot

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Tiny Mushroom World!

Hello lovely people!

Ages ago I purchased a bell jar from a wee shop in Chester and I have finally gotten around to turning it into a cute ornament! This is an awful picture of it and I do apologize.

The Victorians loved to display things in jars and frame lots of weird and wonderful objects so with this in mind I hunted around for things to display.  I had lots of wooden hemispheres and bobbins left over from a previous project so I began to play with them and build them on top of one another.  I have become a bit obsessed with mushrooms at the moment, no idea why tho?  This is what I came up with...

My own little mushrooms! :D I just used a glue gun to stick everything together.  I made quite a few...

I had lots of different sizes and some were already painted but that was ok because acrylic paint would cover that up.  I had a small cardboard flower pot and a bit of foam that I began to position the mushrooms on to of.

I kept playing around with these and placing the dome on top of the display but it just didn't look quite right.  I had a image in my head and I wasn't able to create it.  So I left it for a few days and looked at it with fresh eyes.

Then I decided that it didn't look special enough.  I had some wee mushroom ornaments that had tiny doors and windows carved into the stalk!  They had been sitting on my bookshelf for ages and I decided to try these in my dome.

This was what I wanted and set about covering the flower pot in some wool felt and glue gunned it all down.  I then cut out a circle of cardboard and did the same to it. I wrapped some green thread around the stump a few times to add some detail and interest.

Next I began placing the mushrooms and making sure it all fit under the dome .  Then I glued them in place.

I went to Hobbycraft and saw some wee people that are normally used on train models and thought they would be perfect for my tiny mushroom world.

These were then stuck down around the houses along with some white lace flowers to finish it off.

What do you think of my tiny world?  I love it and would like to make some more...just need to buy some more bell jars! 

Dittery Dot

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bobbin Mania!

Hello lovely people!

Everyone knows that I love bobbins and you can imagine how delighted I was to find these in a craft shop!

WEE TINY BOBBINS!!!  Ady said to me "what will you use them for?"  I had no idea but I had to get some.

When I got home I was stacking them up and playing with them and wondering what to do with them when I thought it may nice to have them on a necklace.  I wanted some colour on them so I wound wool around them and tied it.  This was very tricky as some of them were really wee!

Finally I ended up with some lovely tiny bobbins and I simply strung them on a chain!

Dittery Dot