Sunday, 8 June 2014

Egg Box Flowers

Hello lovely people!

I have a lovely post to share with you today.  In craft club we have been making flowers out of cardboard, paper and egg boxes!  We had staff collecting lots of egg boxes for weeks so that craft club had enough to make our wreaths.

I cut out large circles from cardboard boxes and took them into school.  Then I had the children paste strips of green paper and card onto the rings with glue sticks and PVA.  It was very messy but a lot of fun.

The children had to make sure that there were no bits of brown peeking through the green strips.

Once they had dried the children cut off all the rough bits of paper until they had a smooth edge.

After this the children cut out different leaf shapes to decorate the wreath.  We had big ones and small ones :)

The children then placed these on the cardboard rings until they felt they had enough to cover the paper.

The children then used different coloured felt tip pens to add some veins and outline their leaves.

Once they were happy the stuck these down securely with glue.

Next the children chose some egg cartons and we used poster and acrylic paint to cover them up.  They didn't look like flowers yet, we still had more work to do to them.

Once the paint was dry the children cut down into the egg boxes and began to create petals and forming flowers.

This is one child's flower wreath.  They have used some lovely colours.

Some children used a variety of colours in one flower and created some really lovely flowers.

Next I taught them how to use glue guns safely and watched carefully as they glued down buttons and the flowers.  We then added a string so that they would hang and volila!

Here are the finished flower wreaths!  I think that they look fantastic and each one is so unique!

I decided to show take some photos of the flowers in our school woodland and here are the pictures below.  They really look great in the woodlands, it's just a shame we cant leave them there all year!

Dittery Dot