Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Easter Bunny!

Hello lovely people,

As Easter is near I have been making some bunnies!!  These bunnies are being donated to the school to raffle off for Easter.

I started off by cutting out my pattern in two different fabrics.  One bunny has patterned skin, the other plain.

Then I stitched them together and stuffed all the pieces.  This took a while because the arms and legs are very thin and I needed to use a skewer to turn them inside out and push the stuffing in.

Once this was done I stitched on the eyes and attached the ears.

Then the dresses needed to be made and fitted onto the bunnies.

The finishing touched were some bows and a bit of blush on their cheeks.

Now I am going to make myself a set of bunnies.  I think a family of four would be nice and I want to make them all different sizes.  I will put up a picture as soon as I have made them :)

Dittery Dot

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  1. These are simply gorgeous and I bet there will be loads of people desperate to win them x