Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pretty Curiosities

Hello lovely people!

Recently we went to Chester and I wanted to share my pretty finds!  A lovely old printer tray and a tatty wooden cube that was found in a junk/garden/weird shop.

I'm not sure what I want to display in the printer tray yet.... so I am looking for good ideas at the moment.

Dittery Dot

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Free Bunny Ears and Bow Pattern!

Hello lovely people!

I bought a bunny ear scrunchie at the weekend and love it to bits!  Here is a picture of me trying to show it off.

I wished the shop had had a pink one but they didn't so I have made up a pattern for 2 different types of ears or bows.  You can download the free pattern pdf page 1 page 2

Bunny Ear Scrunchie

First I selected some lovely fabrics I had been saving for a cute project.  I'm sure you all have a stash like mine!

First go and download the patterns I have created and I will show how I did the bunny ear scrunchie first.

Cut out the pattern pieces, I used some grease proof paper as it was easier to use than A4 paper (it's thinner).  Fold your chosen fabric 2 times and pin the small ear pattern onto it. 

You should pin it like I have in the next photo, so you will be cutting through several layers at once.

One you have cut out the shape and laid it out you should have something that looks like this.

Next cut out the large rectangle.  (I had to draw the pattern over 2 pages as it is quite large so just sellotape the 2 dotted lines together.)  Once you have done this fold your right sides together and pin.

Do the same for the piece you cut out earlier - right sides together!  See the next picture for a important step!

When pinning the ear piece you must leave one part open so that you can turn it inside out! If you can see where my fingers are.....leave this section open!

Once you have done this you need to start sewing.  You can do this by hand or glue the sides together but sewing machine is faster and more secure.  I did a quarter inch seam allowance on each pattern piece.

Turn both pieces inside out and you should have a big long tube and a ear shape.

You can use any type of elastic you want.  The best ones are the ribbon elastic and some rope elastic.  You will need to cut 9 inches for your bobble.

Then use a safety pin to thread it through your tube of fabric and tie it in a knot or stitch it.  Then turn down the edge of one of the open ends of your tube and slip the other inside it.  Stitch it up, don't worry if it's not neat as it will be covered up.

Turn the edges in on your ears and top stitch this closed too.

Then all you need to do is tie it over the join in the bobble and voila!  A bunny ear scrunchie!  I also squeezed a bit of tacky fabric glue onto the ears to make sure they wouldn't move.

Bow Scrunchie

If the bunny scrunchie is not for you then this one might be!  You need to download my pattern pieces first.

So choose you fabric and cut out the long rectangle piece.  Then cut out 2 of the big bow pattern.  So you should be cutting through 2 pieces of fabric.

Again  stitch the rectangle piece in the same way with a quarter inch seam allowance.  

When pinning and stitching the bow pattern pieces remember to leave an opening so that it can be turned inside out later.  Always remember right sides together!

Then I turned both pieces the right way round and threaded my elastic through the fabric tube like before and tied the ends together and stitched it shut.

Before I stitched up the bow I slipped some wire inside, so that they could be positioned.  I used this wire - I think it is for phones or something but it worked well.

Then I stitched the opening closed.

And voila you will have a large bow scrunchie!  I may have got a bit carried away and made all these!

Dittery Dot