Friday, 3 January 2014

Rubber Band Guns!! PING PING!!! OUCH!

Hello lovely people!

I hope you have had a nice Christmas! I have :)  I've been wanting to share this post since November but couldn't because they were made for Christmas presents!  Adrian came up with the idea and we painted and designed the rubber band guns.

The idea came from an epic battle that was fought in his mum's back garden where everyone was fighting to get a hold of a nerf or elastic band gun and fight to the death!! Hehe it was fun and seeing as there wasn't enough guns he suggested that we make personalized ones for everyone.  I designed the girls guns and Adrian did the boy's ones.

So first we sanded the guns down then covered them with masking tape to try protect the triggers and wheel.  Then we decided on colours and I spray painted them outside.

Once this was done we came up with designs for everyone in the family, which we drew on and painted.  Then a coat of matt gloss was applied to help keep the designs in place.

This was his mum's gun, she is a wonderful baker and makes lovely cakes so we decided she had to have a big juicy cake on her gun.

His step-dad got a Leeds united gun because this is his favourite team.

His brother got a tri-force on his gun and his girlfriend got a bunny from Alice in Wonderland.

His cousin got a gun covered in rainbows and daisys because of her daughter Daisy :)

His step-sister had cute cats on her gun and balls of wool on the other side and her boyfriend had the logo from the band he is in, The Idol Dead.  You can follow them on facebook.

Everyone really liked their guns and had a quick try with the bands.  We were relieved to see that they still worked!

Dittery Dot


  1. We love them!!
    So do our cats for some reason, one's even started fetching the rubber bands back...

  2. What a lovely rubber band guns you are making mate! I am very much impressed to see this and also I am trying to do as well. So if I need to know any more info then I will ask to you and hope that you will help me as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful rubber band guns. Keep well.
    rainbow loom

    1. Thank you very much. They were such fun to make and very easy. All the steps I used are in this blog post. Would love to see the rubber band guns you create. X