Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bunny And Me!

Hello lovely people!

This project has taken some time to create and now it has sparked off another plan for craft club!  Another post will follow! :)

I had an old wooden sewing box that was a bit broken and I saved some of the wooden drawers.  I wasn't sure what to do with them so they have lain in the shed for a few months.  I was thinking of making some weird creatures and displaying them in frames when I remembered I had some drawers.  So I fished them out and painted it up.

I was going to make weird creatures but ended up making a simple pattern for bunnies.  I wanted them to be a bit scruffy so I used lots of random stitching to hold the edges together and stuffed them.

I stitched the face first and found it hard to stitch through the weave as it kept moving around.  Once it was all stitched I added some bows and a wee tutu.  After this I decided to give it some arms and legs in different fabric.

After making this bunny I decided she needed a friend.  So I made a smaller pattern and created another bunny.

This bunny is just made from printed cotton and had been decorated with some cute vintage buttons and a small paper rose.

Once the paint had dried I glue gunned a piece of fabric onto the back and used this envelope I had made a while ago as my background.

I then placed my bunnies in and worked out how I wanted them to sit.  It was looking a bit bare so I made up a button tower to fill some space.

Once I had done this I made some tiny bunting and glued this in place as well.  So here is the finished box!

And as I have said this has given me a great idea for craft club!  And I think the children would enjoy making something similar :)

Dittery Dot

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