Thursday, 5 December 2013

Holly Garlands! It's Christmas!!

Hello lovely people!

It's nearly Christmas and I have been making some decorations for our house!  Holly garlands!!!  I saw these at the knitting and stitching show and purchased a kit to try it out.

First I had to iron my fabric onto the wadding and pin all my fabric layers together.  Then draw around my paper holly template.

Once this was done I had to stitch around the outline and made sure the stitches were small and neat.  I used cotton thread to so this.

Then I had to trim off the excess fabric and cut a slit down the back so that I could turn it inside out, making sure that I poked out the corners correctly.

So then I had 15 holly leaves that I pressed flat and to add some decoration I had to do a running stitch around the outside and down the centre.

Then I simply had to stitch these onto a length of ribbon, making sure that I didn't stitch through the front of the holly.  After this I added some red buttons that looked like berries.  The ends of the ribbon kept fraying so I melted them with a match to seal them.

Ta-dah!! I love my holly garland and can't wait to make some more!  It would be a great project to do with kids and instead of fabric you could just use felt as this wouldn't fray.

Dittery Dot

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