Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Gingerbread houses and men!!

Hello lovely people!

The other day I went round to Alice and Daisy's house to make some gingerbread houses.  I had seen a picture of some tiny ones perched on a coffee cup and thought we could give it a go!  We had lots of different sweeties to stick on the top!

Alice had made the dough and baked the walls and roof then we could decorate them......... These are my attempt at the houses :S  I have never made these before so mine are a wee bit wonky. 

Oh the the extra icing was meant to be like that's  icicles.........

And this is Alice showing off her lovely wee houses :)  and Daisy came to help with the decorating!

Here is one of my finished houses!  I was really pleased with it even tho it's a bit wonky :)

We tried to balance one on a cup and it is a little big but will still taste yummy!!!

Then disaster struck and it just fell apart when a it was moved slightly.

We had enough dough left to make a gingerbread man and Daisy decided that it should look like Ady.

And it's such a good likeness, don't you think.......

Dittery Dot

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