Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Art Of Weaving!

Hello everyone!!

This post is about weaving and how I have been helping teach it to the children in craft club!  We started off by looking at some weaving I had done and let the children feel it and see how it was created.  Then we had them practice with strips of coloured paper until they picked up the skill.......which was pretty quick!

Then we had the children cut up old jeans that were donated to craft club to show them that you can weave with just about anything!  We cut them into strips and had them help cut and glue them into the correct sizes.

Then the weaving began!!!

Each child had 20 strips of denim to work with and we had them lay out 10 pieces and we sellotaped them to the desk.  With the remaining 10 strips the children wove with these.

The end result was really lovely looking!  This is a close up of one of the children's work.  After this we glued all the loose ends with fabric glue and trimmed the edges so that they were all the same size.

After this the children had to decorate these however they liked.....the end results were extremely colourful and creative! :)

Dittery Dot

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