Friday, 22 November 2013

Button Christmas Trees!!!

Hello lovely people!

Christmas is coming and I am quite excited!!!  So this is a super quick post about these lovely button Christmas trees :)  I saw them being made in a wee shop in Haworth and the woman told me how to make them so I could share it with the craft club at school, (for those that don't know I'm volunteering until I am a qualified teaching assistant and craft club is a group I help with).

I was delighted when I saw these and thought the children would enjoy making them too.  So I bought a jar of green buttons and spent an evening sorting out buttons into packets for the children.

If you want to make some all you need are 4 smallish brown or darn red/purple buttons for the base and lots of different green buttons in various sizes.

Arrange your buttons big to small and lay them out in lines on the table.  Get yourself  a length or really narrow ribbon or stranded cotton (that is what the children used) in any colour you like.

Then thread your red buttons first!  Big to small to create the tree trunk.  Once this is done do the same with the green buttons - big to small!  

Once all your buttons are threaded on tie a tight double knot in the top then add the star button and tie another knot. 

And taa-dah you will have a wee Christmas tree!! The children found the task a bit confusing to start with but got the hang of it quickly and were very pleased with themselves.  

Dittery Dot

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