Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Art Of Weaving!

Hello everyone!!

This post is about weaving and how I have been helping teach it to the children in craft club!  We started off by looking at some weaving I had done and let the children feel it and see how it was created.  Then we had them practice with strips of coloured paper until they picked up the skill.......which was pretty quick!

Then we had the children cut up old jeans that were donated to craft club to show them that you can weave with just about anything!  We cut them into strips and had them help cut and glue them into the correct sizes.

Then the weaving began!!!

Each child had 20 strips of denim to work with and we had them lay out 10 pieces and we sellotaped them to the desk.  With the remaining 10 strips the children wove with these.

The end result was really lovely looking!  This is a close up of one of the children's work.  After this we glued all the loose ends with fabric glue and trimmed the edges so that they were all the same size.

After this the children had to decorate these however they liked.....the end results were extremely colourful and creative! :)

Dittery Dot

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Fairies

Hello lovely people!

I have been making Christmas fairies for some Christmas hampers at the school.  The blue doll is for the adult hamper and the brown haired one is for the kids hamper :).  I have used lots of lovely silks and beaded fabrics to create these dollies.  I haven't given them names yet, I need to think of some cute angelic names I think!

Dittery Dot

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Harrogate Knitting And Stitching Show 2013

Hello lovely people!

I was able to go to the Harrogate knitting and stitching show this year and was delighted by all the wonderful exhibits this year!  There are soooo many talented and creative people :)  It is well worth a visit!  

These were my favourite pieces.....

And as you can see I didn't go home empty handed :)  I bought some beautiful silk items, ribbons, fabric and buttons! 

Dittery Dots

Friday, 22 November 2013

Button Christmas Trees!!!

Hello lovely people!

Christmas is coming and I am quite excited!!!  So this is a super quick post about these lovely button Christmas trees :)  I saw them being made in a wee shop in Haworth and the woman told me how to make them so I could share it with the craft club at school, (for those that don't know I'm volunteering until I am a qualified teaching assistant and craft club is a group I help with).

I was delighted when I saw these and thought the children would enjoy making them too.  So I bought a jar of green buttons and spent an evening sorting out buttons into packets for the children.

If you want to make some all you need are 4 smallish brown or darn red/purple buttons for the base and lots of different green buttons in various sizes.

Arrange your buttons big to small and lay them out in lines on the table.  Get yourself  a length or really narrow ribbon or stranded cotton (that is what the children used) in any colour you like.

Then thread your red buttons first!  Big to small to create the tree trunk.  Once this is done do the same with the green buttons - big to small!  

Once all your buttons are threaded on tie a tight double knot in the top then add the star button and tie another knot. 

And taa-dah you will have a wee Christmas tree!! The children found the task a bit confusing to start with but got the hang of it quickly and were very pleased with themselves.  

Dittery Dot

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dittery Dot Is Born!!

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are all well? I was rooting around in an old folder and I came across some theme boards that I put together for my final exams at college and thought I would share them..... I don't think I have shown these before.  Basically when I was starting up Dittery Dots blog and shop this was where I got my inspiration from.  So these are early pictures of Dot before I re-designed her a bit!

Dittery Dot