Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Clouds Are Big White Fluffy Pillows That Make Me Dream

Hello lovely bloggers!

I have been busy this week with work, college and school but I did manage to do a quick arty project :) I saw this beautiful fabric online and had to order some.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with it until I saw some tutorials on how to make your own infinity scarf.

I thought this fabric would make a lovely scarf and will definitely cheer me up when winter comes.  I got the fabric from Stone Fabrics and they were great and had really fast delivery!

So I got to work and and spread the jersey out on the floor.  It's a very stretchy, slippery fabric and I haven't done much sewing with kind of fabric before.  Before I stitched it up I added some ribbon loops to add some colour.

I made sure that all the ribbon was just positioned along the open edge then I pinned it all in place to try prevent the fabric from stretching while I was sewing it.

There was still a little bit of stretch but I just stitched slowly and carefully until I reached the end.  All  the loops looked good once it was finished!

I then did a french seam to join the fabric together and was able to hide all my raw edges this way.  The  good thing about jersey is that it won't fray, it just rolls up!

And taah daaaah! It's all done and very cosy :)  I am really pleased with it and I still have fabric left over to make another one.

Dittery Dot

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