Friday, 6 September 2013

Make A Wish!

Hello lovely people!

I have been getting crafty and making a silly card for Adrian's mum's birthday!  I saw a magazine telling you how to make it and I adapted it a bit to make it more my style.  So I cute out all the pattern pieces that came with it and stuck the cupcake case together and stitched a cute bow, button and handmade tag onto the side.  

 Then I used a felt tip to slightly brown the edges of the case and tag to add a bit more depth.  I rolled a candle shape and added a wick with a glue gun.  The discs had to be drawn from bowls and egg cups because there was no pattern for them.  Then some beads, flowers and a wee ladybug was added for decoration.

I then decided to mount the cupcake onto a small box that I painted and added tiny paper bunting to add decoration.  Th design reminds me of my special memory boxes I made for my family project.

I then got some vintage linen and cut out a rectangle that was just big enough to fit inside the box and wrote down what I wanted to say.

Once this was stitched I attached some buttons onto the ends of the ribbon to hide the ends and make it neat and unable to fray.

This was then glued onto the bottom and top of the box so that when its opened there is a lovely message inside :)

I think it looks lovely and its a bit different and I would love to make more of these for people :) 

Dittery Dot


  1. It was absolutely beautiful and i really appreciate the work that went into it.
    Also, after being on display for a week, it went straight into one of MY memory boxes :)
    Once again, thankyou sweetheart xx