Sunday, 22 September 2013

Would You Like A Cup Of Seeds?

Hello lovely people!

I recently went to a wee crafty, food fair and we saw this!  Isn't it cute!  I love watching the birdies and this seemed like a good way to attract more to the garden.  I haven't seen birds on it yet but the seed is going down so they are eating it.  I can't wait to get a photo of a bird feeding from it :)

Dittery Dot

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stamp It!!!

Hello everyone!

Recently I had been thinking about doing some home screen printing but I didn't have any of the equipment to do it.  I looked online and found some great tutorials but it is really messy and I don't have a lot of space to do it.  I also found that the equipment was quite expensive for screens etc.  

So i had a think and I thought about stamping! Or lino printing so I did my research and found that Japanese seemed to do the best rubber and inks for this kind of printing.  I was able to get my ink from Hobbycraft but had to order some rubber pads and tools from a lovely lady on Etsy.

These were the rubber pads I ordered and aren't they really cute!  They come in different colours and this makes it easier to carve out your design.  Each pack came with some transfers and a sheet of tracing paper so you can copy the designs.  

I chose a button for my first attempt.  I traced the button and then rubbed it onto the rubber pad.  This was the easy bit and then i cut around the button using a very sharp knife and special cutting tools.  One is shaped like a v and the other a u.  The v is for more detailed work and the other to take away large areas quickly.

So here is my first try at a stamp.  It was very wobbly looking and a bit dented and chipped looking.  It took a while to do and it was like carving through butter!  Very easy to slip and cut away more than you wanted to. 

I used some inks I ordered from Japan to do the print.  They can be used on fabric, paper, wood and metal.  If you iron then it seals the ink and it won't wash out fabric.  You can't seem to get them in the UK, well I can't find anyone so far.

This is my button printed :s It's really wobbly and missing bits but I think it is ok for a first attempt.

Next I thought I'd try a penguin because it was really cute and was much bigger and I thought I'd have a better chance of achieving a smooth, clean line.

And this is the stamp!  It looks much better and smoother and the print camp out a lot better than the other one.

So now I am working on some more small stamps which I will share with you once they have been completed!

Dittery Dot

Friday, 6 September 2013

Make A Wish!

Hello lovely people!

I have been getting crafty and making a silly card for Adrian's mum's birthday!  I saw a magazine telling you how to make it and I adapted it a bit to make it more my style.  So I cute out all the pattern pieces that came with it and stuck the cupcake case together and stitched a cute bow, button and handmade tag onto the side.  

 Then I used a felt tip to slightly brown the edges of the case and tag to add a bit more depth.  I rolled a candle shape and added a wick with a glue gun.  The discs had to be drawn from bowls and egg cups because there was no pattern for them.  Then some beads, flowers and a wee ladybug was added for decoration.

I then decided to mount the cupcake onto a small box that I painted and added tiny paper bunting to add decoration.  Th design reminds me of my special memory boxes I made for my family project.

I then got some vintage linen and cut out a rectangle that was just big enough to fit inside the box and wrote down what I wanted to say.

Once this was stitched I attached some buttons onto the ends of the ribbon to hide the ends and make it neat and unable to fray.

This was then glued onto the bottom and top of the box so that when its opened there is a lovely message inside :)

I think it looks lovely and its a bit different and I would love to make more of these for people :) 

Dittery Dot