Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wee Buttons On My Walls!

hello lovely people!

It has been a while since I last bogged because I have been super busy with my college course.  Yip I am back at college and studying to be a teaching assistant :)  But I have found time to do this wee project!

 I saw these buttons in ikea and thought they were great because I had been looking for something like this.

The colours are a bit ugly.......ok really ugly and wouldn't go with anything in our house!  So I went and got some spray paint and got to work.

I love pastel colours and I had decided to make each one a different colour!  I started by sanding down the buttons and putting on a primer before I painted them.  Once this had dried I used the spray paint and once this had dried I scraped it a bit more with sand paper.

On one of the buttons I had wanted to make some stripes, so I used masking tape to make stripes and spray painted it.  Once it had dried I removed the tape but really wasn't happy with the effect so I ended up painting over it again.

Once they were finished I got Adrian to help me hang them up! This is the space before the buttons went up.  It looks really plain and needed a splash of colour :)

And now here is the buttons on the wall! I think they look really good and am very happy with the result!

Dittery Dot

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