Sunday, 30 June 2013

Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy (Part 2)

Hello lovely people!

I have started pinning down all my petals and it is taking AAAAAAGES!  I even had to go out and buy more pins as I had run out!

I was planning on making a smaller petal template and pinning it, then ironing the edges to get my seam allowance.  But after doing 2 petals this way I was getting annoyed and bored so my mum suggested drawing around the quilt template and just pinning and turning under as I went along.  This was a lot faster and worked fairly well.

This is one of my pinned squares!  The square is about 40cm square and I have 25 of them to do. So I have a lot more pinning and stitching to do.  I am not sure what to put in the centre of the flowers? Maybe a button or a fancy bit of stitching? Not sure yet but I think it looking good so far.

Dittery Dot

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