Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A £5 Stool! Bargain!!

Hello Everyone!

Well guess what? I found another sad wee stool to do up! And it was a bargin at £5.  Here it is! I know it's not much to look at and the fabric kinda looks like a load of squashed bumble bees, but I thought it had potential.

But once the horrible fabric was pulled off it look ok!  It just needed sanded and a new coat of paint. 

Luckily it was a nice day t get it sanded and I had a helper, Adrian! :)  He worked super hard to get it all sanded for me, which was lovely of him.

I asked him to give me a smile so I could include the picture on my blog and this was the lovely "smile" I got!

Once it was sanded I got a £1 tub of tester paint to cover the stool.  It took 3 coats before the colour looked good.  And yes I am using a bed sheet because I forgot where I had put my dust sheet.

Once it had dried I cut some foam to the correct size and borrowed a staple gun to fix the fabric over the top of the stool.

Then I needed to add a small ribbon to add some more decoration.  I thought it looked nice but needed something extra.  Adrian got me some upholstery pins and I used a tiny hammer to knock them in.

And here is the finished stool! I think it looks great, so much better than it was before!

Dittery Dot

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