Friday, 26 April 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.....

Hello everyone!

We needed a mirror for the living room to help bounce some light around it.  But we couldn't find any that had a nice frame or they were way too expensive and really heavy.  Once again the Overgate Hospice Shop had what we were looking for. 

I saw this sad looking mirror hidden on the back wall.  It was fairly light, a good size and even better it was only £5!  So we got it and Adrian sanded off the horrible white paint that covered it.  It had peeled off and was marked in some places, so it was best to start form scratch.

So I toddled to Wilkinson on my way to work and picked up the some of the tiny tester pots for a £1.  I got a white and a lovely blue paint.  I painted it blue and used masking tape to protect the edges of the mirror, but I still ended up getting some of it on it!

I wanted to add a small design round the edges to make it a bit different.  So I tried a flower design but it wasn't right.  I then tried Home Sweet Home but couldn't get the letters to fit.  Birds were my next thought but the frame was too narrow.  Then I realized that bunting would look great!

I quickly measured the frame and cut my card to the right size.  And I sketched a basic bunting design.  Once I'd done that I began to cut out the stencil.  I had wanted to but a bow in the design but it proved to be too fiddly and ended up covering it up with masking tape. 

Once I had my stencil I taped it onto my frame and used one of those special stencil stamping brushes.  The ends are all flat so you are able to stamp hard and get a nice clean line.

I did this for all 4 sides of the mirror and left it to dry.  I then added some dots and stripes to the bunting so that it did look like bunting and not just a weird triangle design.

The edges of the bunting were left floating on the border so I just added a wee line to join them up.  I had wanted to do a bow but it would have looked too fussy and wouldn't have sat well because of the groove.

Tah-dah! Not a sad wee mirror anymore!  And it adds a splash of colour to our living room :)

Dittery Dot