Sunday, 10 March 2013

Please Take A Seat :)

Hello everyone!

Well today I have my seat covers to show you :)  

We have picked up a lovely second hand table and four chairs recently, and I felt like they needed a bit of padding on them.  I had made cushions before but wasn't sure on how to make seat covers. 

Sooooo I decided to get some seat covers that were already made up.  And this was the best I could find.

They are nice I suppose but they were a bit dull for my taste, so I toddled on down to the fabric market on my day off and found some lovely soft warm tartan inspired fabric.

I then measured my cushions and drew the pattern onto some paper.  It took a while to get the curve exactly right.  I added a 1cm seam allowance round the edge and left about 5cm along the top so that the excess material could be simply tucked in on itself.

And voila! I have 4 pretty seat covers that can easily be changed when I get bored of these ones! :)


Dittery Dot

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