Saturday, 23 February 2013

Candle Queen

Hello lovely people!

I know I haven't been blogging as often as I wanted to but hopefully that is me getting back to more regular posts :)  As you know I have moved in with my lovely boyfriend Ady and have been sorting the house out.  

At the moment I have been a bit obsessed with candles! And I have never been a candle girl, until the girlies from Peacocks gave me a gorgeous black cherry yankee candle as part of my leaving present.

Since then it has sort of started a wee tinny tiny obsession :S

I got a few of my candles from Sloanes market in Glasgow.  There is a woman there who sells beautiful sets and holders.  I got the one on the third shelf there.

Anyhow thats enough about house stuff!  At the moment I have been working on my think happy thoughts cross stitch and its coming along great, it's almost finished actually.  Pictures up soon. And I got a sausage dog draught excluder but its not actually on the floor yet... It's a cream colour and I know it's silly but I don't want it to get dirty!  Sooooo my mum is knitting it a woolly jumper!

Dittery Dot

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