Thursday, 17 January 2013

More Buttons!!

Hello everyone!

I am really enjoying decorating our wee house and the most recent item I have been doing up is this sad wee blue, drop leaf, 1970's table.

It was very scratched and dirty and sitting among huge tables and chairs in the second had furniture shop.  My boyfriend couldn't understand why I liked it so much and my answer was it just looks sad.

Eventually we picked out what we were looking for and forgot to go ask about the table.  A few days later when we arrived at his grans house there it was! Se had went and bought the table for me to do up :D  So I started by sanding it down and scrubbing off as much dirt and grime as I could.

I painted the drawer a bright fushia, matt pink.  I wanted it to stand out from the rest of the table.  I then stuck some ribbon onto the handle with a hot glue gun.

I wanted some decals to decorate the top of the table and looked online for some inspiration.  Eventually I found a store on Etsy that did really lovely button decals.  There was 24 in a pack and you could choose your colour.  I chose white so that it would stand out.  They are about 5 inches in diameter. 

This is the finished table :) and I am so pleased with it!  It is going to be a craft table for me to sew etc.  The legs are still a bit wobbly so it is staying in the fireplace for now :P

Dittery Dot

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