Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Is Coming!!!!! :)

Hello lovely people!

Hope you are well? Well that is us been in our wee house for almost 2 months now! and we finally have internet so my blog posts should be much more regular now :)

I thought I would show you some small projects I have been up to and some that my lovely mum made me.

These are wee christmas trees my mum made, aren't they lovely?  They are knitted and covered with brightly coloured buttons.  I am going to ask her if she will make me some knitted bunting too.

Another one of my mum's creations is this knitted holly wreath.  I chose pink berries and a white base because it matched the small rug we have :)

And finally this in Om Nom our christmas angel hehe.  For those of you who may not know Om Nom, he is the creature from Cut The Rope game, (which is really fun).  We saw him in a toy shop and I stitched some wings and a halo onto him.

Hope you all have a lovely christmas folks!

Dittery Dot

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  1. Aww the wreath and christmas trees are so lovely! Your mum did a good job :) Haha your christmas tree angel is MAD! xx