Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sewing Fills My Days, Not To Mention The Living Room, Bedroom And Closets!

Hello there!

I was walking around Leeds Market when I saw this beautiful fabric!  I just had to get some, and wandered home in a happy daze :)

I had some pretty bobble trim in my sewing box and a cushion pad so I decided to make another one!  I know, I know, my family keep saying where are you going to put them all!

So I measured my cushion pad and made a quick pattern for it.  I left plenty of seam allowance and a bit extra for when I put in the bobble trim because it can be the trickiest part. You have to constantly make sure that you don't catch your bobble in the stitched seam.

Before I inserted the cushion pad in, I stitched my wee dittery dots label onto the back.

Here is the finished article!  And here is a better photograph of my button cushion :)  I think they look pretty together and compliment each other nicely.

Dittery Dot


  1. They look brilliant together. Very colourful and also very representative of you! I still LOVE my cushion you made for me. You need to get selling on Etsy too though :) xx

  2. hehe thanks. I know I need to get my banking stuff sorted before I sell on Etsy again! Hopefully will find time this month :P x