Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ribbon Madness


hope everyone is having a lovely day today?  I recently went to Leeds Market with my boyfriend.  Inside there are loads of different stalls and shops selling all kinds of items.  My favourite stalls are the ones selling ribbons and lave and rolls of fabric.

I got this beautiful lace fabric at one stall.  I think it is for making sari tops but it was just sooo pretty that I had to get a bit.  Not sure what I can use it for yet, perhaps for covering a small canvas.

I also got some ribbons.  I spent about 20 mins ooooohing and ahhhhing over all the delicious colours and textures but finally decided to get a metre of each of these.  Adrian had wandered off by that point and think he was glad that I finally made up my mind :P.  The lace will make lovely flowers and the embroidered trim ribbon will look good around the edge of a top I have.

Dittery Dot

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