Sunday, 11 November 2012

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!!

Hello everyone!

I have been moving into my first house! So my blog posts haven't been as regular and I do apologize.  Hopefully I will get back to normal in a few weeks time :)  However I have been working on some more cushions!

I have an extensive button collection thanks to my mum, gran and by buying over the years.  I love looking at them from time to time and laying them out.  I sound like some sort of mad collector!  Anyway I had them out again and decided that I needed more cushions.  I had an old cushion cover to decorate and some gorgeous rope trim.

I started by sorting my buttons into colours - whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds, purples, blues and greens.

Then I started playing around with colours and placement.  The photograph below is the final placement.  I didn't have enough red buttons so I just left them out.

Then I started stitching them all down.  This took a while! But gradually bit by bit I got them all stitched down.

To finish it off I used some cream rope trim.  I looped it at the corners to add some more interest and stitched a button on the join to help keep it in place.

Tah dah!! I will get a better photo up on the blog but I wanted to show you the finished piece. I am really pleased with it and it will go with any decor because it has every colour! :)

Dittery Dot

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