Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Get Out Of My Space!

Hello lovely people!

Remember a few months ago I did a post "Be Wild Like The Flowers", well I have created a new bit of work inspired by it.

My base fabric is just plain calico.  I hate sewing onto a plain bit of fabric so I used watercolour paint to add a bit of colour.  I then decided to make the coloured blobs into flowers, so used the free hand machine foot to stitch some big bold flowers.  I used colours from some graffiti pictures I had and the main colour was purple.  The stem was drawn on using felt tip then I made the colour bleed using some water.

I used black thread to stitch in the words "Get out of my space!"  Again this was done using the free hand machine foot.

I used acetate to build up a layer over the top of the fabric.  I stitched "nature" into the clear plastic which was quite tricky because it can rip easily.  Then stitched it onto the fabric with simple running stitch.  I left the threads loose because it added texture.  

I am quite pleased with the overall effect and will try some more samples to develop this a bit further.

Dittery Dot

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