Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Be Wild Like The Flowers (Part 3)


So this is the next part in the post about the project "Be wild like the flowers".  There are more pictures in the Gallery section of my blog so please go and have a look.  I have only picked out my favourite photographs.

This sample was a design development from the seed packet idea.  I used the same phrase and trapped lots of seeds in fabric pouches, which took a while and still had me picking seeds out from inside my sewing machine 2 weeks later!

The next 3 photographs are different design developments of layering, trapping dried flowers, words and threads.  I really liked the effect once it was all layered up because it was all busy and there was lots to look at.  

I tried several different methods of trapping seeds in the fabric but this one was my favourite.    
I just loved the effect I got when they were trapped close together and the long thread added to the effect.

I really hope you enjoyed looking at this project and its not finished yet, hopefully I will have some new bits and bobs stitched soon.

Dittery Dot

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