Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Get Out Of My Space!

Hello lovely people!

Remember a few months ago I did a post "Be Wild Like The Flowers", well I have created a new bit of work inspired by it.

My base fabric is just plain calico.  I hate sewing onto a plain bit of fabric so I used watercolour paint to add a bit of colour.  I then decided to make the coloured blobs into flowers, so used the free hand machine foot to stitch some big bold flowers.  I used colours from some graffiti pictures I had and the main colour was purple.  The stem was drawn on using felt tip then I made the colour bleed using some water.

I used black thread to stitch in the words "Get out of my space!"  Again this was done using the free hand machine foot.

I used acetate to build up a layer over the top of the fabric.  I stitched "nature" into the clear plastic which was quite tricky because it can rip easily.  Then stitched it onto the fabric with simple running stitch.  I left the threads loose because it added texture.  

I am quite pleased with the overall effect and will try some more samples to develop this a bit further.

Dittery Dot

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Slowly Going Cross Eyed :S

Hey everyone!

I have been stitching this cross stitch for a while,  I first saw it in cross stitcher magazine.  It is by Michael Powell, he designs lots of really stunning kits.  Go have a look at

This kit is part of a set, (which I also have :P), but haven't started yet.  It is sewn on 14 count aida with anchor threads.  The colours are really pretty and delicate and I am sure that it is going to look stunning when it is finished.  I am just going a bit cross eyed because the holes are quite small and I am used to working on the canvas from doing Emily Peacocks' kits.  

However I will persevere and keep doing a wee bit at a time :)

Dittery Dot

Friday, 12 October 2012

Lia Bowen

Hello everyone!

Hope your all having a lovely day?  I first saw Lia's work when I first joined Etsy and had her in my favourite list!  Her jewellery is a riot of delicious colours and textures and I am sooo excited to have her do an interview for my blog.  So without further a do, here it is! :)

-Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Lia Bowen and I am the designer/metalsmith/enamelist behind Bullfinch & Barbury Jewelry. I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania - named after Buckinghamshire England by William Penn. The area is more historic than other parts of the States, and I draw inspiration from the colonial buildings, retired barns and fields around me. I have a home studio where I create my work - with the help of a chinchilla named Poirot, who shares my studio, and Thor, my rescued Fjord horse.


-Where do you get your key inspiration for your designs?

Oh, it seems like everything ends up in my sketchbooks and Pinterest boards somehow. Everything from cakes to rusty machinery to flowers to Film Noir movies . . .

I guess at heart I am enamoured by all things old, worn, caressed and loved into an antique patina. There is nothing as beautiful to me as a vintage farrier's hammer where the grip of hands have finished the wooden handle into a silk-like texture - or where stairs are worn because of a century's worth of feet climbing them. Some of the old pieces of furniture I find in farmhouses have a weather refinement to them . . . I love these things. 

-How did you first become interested in designing jewellery?

I went to school for illustration and somehow the medium - mainly the heat and fire (torches, kilns, crucibles, etc) really resounded with me. It was an instant addiction and I switched my concentration. 

-I love the wee collections of bangles ! Where did you get the idea to create these?

I love how many small parts can create this amazing statement. It's fun to give each piece a little something that makes it special, and then when it pairs with other bangles they all create this repetition of pattern and play off of each other. The first set I made was a "warm up" for some intense stone setting - they were made from scrap metal and enameled - I loved pulling them out of the kiln and seeing that glossy surface and colour!

-What do you aim to achieve with your unique style?

My goal is to make people take note - to cause them to wonder where the wearer got the piece. I love unique things and I love it when something as small as a set of bangles or a necklace can make an outfit into something of a personal statement. 

-Do you have any new pieces in the pipeline?

Right now I am working on some pieces for the holidays - I was looking at some old ballet costumes and really was inspired by the colours and detail. Can't wait to translate what I saw and felt into metal and enamel. ;) Also working on more geometric designs . . . and trying to infuse more poetry into my work (no, literally!). ;)

-What is your favourite piece to date?

I have a set of Bangles in shades of blue that has been added to over the years - I think it is about 14 pieces strong by this point. Haha! My other favourite is a set of charms depicting an anvil and hammer with my horse Thor's name on it - it was his halter tag when I first rescued him and he wore them for several months before I decided to make him new ones and keep the originals.

-Do you have any advice for other young designers?

Hmmmm . . . I would say that it never hurts to try something even if you have doubts. Sometimes it takes trial and error to figure out how to make a technique work, or a colourway blend . . . just give it a try. I'm amazed that sometimes my biggest disasters make way for my biggest accomplishments.

-Any exciting news to share?

Well, I've teamed up with a friend (Mr. Edmund Sparkler) who has been wanting to make some engagement and wedding jewelry based on his favourite French and Beaux Arts architecture - very lush. Lots of cushion cuts gemstones and diamonds! He really has an eye for design, but he also wants to hear my thoughts as a jewelry (and a woman!) . . . I'm excited about where this collection is headed.

You can see more of her work at her Etsy shop.  And go have a look at her lovely blog at  

I would just like to thank Lia for letting me do this blog post. All photos are copyright of Lia Bowen.

Dittery Dot

Monday, 8 October 2012

Stamp It!!!!

Hello everyone!

Well today my stamp arrived! I ordered a small stamp which said Handmade with love by dittery dots, so that I can use it to make business cards etc. And it has finally arrived!!! I was sooo excited and I think it looks fantastic :)

I think the stamp was lazer cut because the image was so fine and detailed.  I didn't have an ink stamp so I just used a black and pink felt tip pen which has worked really well.

So now I just need to get some nice card to make up my business cards :D

Dittery Dot

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Be Wild Like The Flowers (Part 3)


So this is the next part in the post about the project "Be wild like the flowers".  There are more pictures in the Gallery section of my blog so please go and have a look.  I have only picked out my favourite photographs.

This sample was a design development from the seed packet idea.  I used the same phrase and trapped lots of seeds in fabric pouches, which took a while and still had me picking seeds out from inside my sewing machine 2 weeks later!

The next 3 photographs are different design developments of layering, trapping dried flowers, words and threads.  I really liked the effect once it was all layered up because it was all busy and there was lots to look at.  

I tried several different methods of trapping seeds in the fabric but this one was my favourite.    
I just loved the effect I got when they were trapped close together and the long thread added to the effect.

I really hope you enjoyed looking at this project and its not finished yet, hopefully I will have some new bits and bobs stitched soon.

Dittery Dot