Monday, 17 September 2012

Jayme McGowan

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I was looking on Etsy this week and came across the very talented Jayme McGowan's Etsy shop.  She is a California-based illustrator who uses paper to create extremely beautiful quirky pieces.
Her work has been used in fashion spreads, magazines,packaging, animation and much more.  She is currently working on writing and illustrating her first children's book.

Her recent work shows scenes from one of my favourite children's authors, Roald Dahl.  This photograph of Fantastic Mr Fox made me smile and this is my favourite quote from the book.

“I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable, but I'm going to ignore your advice.”
– Fantastic Mr Fox

I contacted Ms McGowan to see if she would be able to do an interview.  Unfortunately she said she wasn't able to do an interview at the moment, but I was allowed to use text and pictures from her website/blog. 

How do you create your wonderful pieces?

"I create my images through a unique process of 3D illustration. When beginning a project, I use a concept board to brainstorm and work through my ideas. I then collect reference materials and begin sketching. After my initial drawing has been finalized, I use colored pencils to find the right palette. I then start cutting, pulling materials from an ever-growing collection of new and re-purposed paper. Each piece is cut individually with steady hands and tiny scissors. It is then carefully glued into place, often with the aid of tweezers.

 Layer upon layer, I build characters and sets for a miniature scene. I stage the pieces in my paper theater (like a diorama that is open on all sides) using thread or wire as necessary to hold the paper elements in place. I then photograph the dimensional paper artwork, playing with camera settings, lenses and light. In the final stage of my illustration process, I bring the digital image into Photoshop for minor adjustments."

You can see more of her gorgeous work at her website -   
You can also buy her prints at her Etsy shop -

I would just like to thank Ms McGowan for giving me permission to use her photographs and text from her website.

Dittery Dot

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