Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Be Wild Like The Flowers (Part 2)

Hello everyone,

I have been tidying and organising my cupboards and came across some more of my masters work.  This work is mainly research and design development.  So I will talk through each piece and the process behind it.  You can see more pictures of my work in the gallery section of my blog, so go take a peek :)

This was some design development where I had tried to trap dried weeds in between sheer fabrics like organza.  I have used faded colours and lots of brown and green threads.

This was an ink drawing I had done then stitched over in yellow threads.  I used acetate to write the word weeds over and over again.  This was stitched using the free hand foot on the sewing machine.

I was also looking at cracked pavements and how the weeds push their way up through them.  This was my interpretation of a pavement.  There are lots of threads, ripped papers and written words layered over the top.

Stitched photographs were an important part of my design development.  As you can see they have enhanced the photograph and added texture and interest.  Again I used acetate to layer up words.

This was a design idea for using old seed packets.  I stitched "From a seed can grow a weed" using free hand machine stitching.  This was layered between plain organza and had a dried flower securely sewn onto the packet.

This has been quite a long post so I am going to split it, there will be a third part coming soon. Hopefully I will have time to write it up over the next few days.

Hope you have enjoyed it so far :)

Dittery Dot

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