Friday, 31 August 2012

Some More Embroidery!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I came across these wee embroideries that I did.  I decided to show you them as they are part of the Family Ties project that I did for my degree.  The first three are of my great-granny.  My family said that she always had a hat on and called it her lid hehe :)  It was hand stitched on some old mats.  I think the flower embroidery was done my her or my other great-gran.

These next few are of my sister and myself.  I am the the little girl and she is the wee baby.   This was hand stitched on some parchment and sheer fabrics.  The writing at the side says" She's soo tiny!"

I used other old photographs of my family and photocopied them so that I could start to trap them between fabrics and stitch into them.  Again it was all hand stitched.

This next sample was one of my favorites to do.  It is of my wee sister when she was a baby and she was chewing on one of her arms when the picture was taken.  It was hand stitched on layers of newspaper, chiffon and lace.

And last but not least I have some of my Grampy :)  Although I like these samples I don't think I managed to capture his features just quite right.

Dittery Dot

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