Monday, 6 August 2012

It's A Dottie Dollie :)

Good evening lovely bloggers,

I had got a pattern for a doll that I wanted to try and make.  I have made dolls before but on a smaller scale.  This one has longer limbs and body.

So here she is!! I think she looks great :)  The pattern had a hat and a bag to sew too but I couldn't get the hat to fit her head.  I think I have maybe stitched the seam allowance wrong :S  so will have to have another go at that.

I added the flower and ribbons instead of a sash.  Instead of using the Tilda hair I use some felt fibre and just stitch and glue it to the head.  

Once it was done I showed it to my mum who said "Awww she's lovely.  She will look great on my bed!"  So she has found a home :P

Dittery Dot

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