Friday, 31 August 2012

Some More Embroidery!

Hello fellow bloggers!

I came across these wee embroideries that I did.  I decided to show you them as they are part of the Family Ties project that I did for my degree.  The first three are of my great-granny.  My family said that she always had a hat on and called it her lid hehe :)  It was hand stitched on some old mats.  I think the flower embroidery was done my her or my other great-gran.

These next few are of my sister and myself.  I am the the little girl and she is the wee baby.   This was hand stitched on some parchment and sheer fabrics.  The writing at the side says" She's soo tiny!"

I used other old photographs of my family and photocopied them so that I could start to trap them between fabrics and stitch into them.  Again it was all hand stitched.

This next sample was one of my favorites to do.  It is of my wee sister when she was a baby and she was chewing on one of her arms when the picture was taken.  It was hand stitched on layers of newspaper, chiffon and lace.

And last but not least I have some of my Grampy :)  Although I like these samples I don't think I managed to capture his features just quite right.

Dittery Dot

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Julia Griffiths Jones

Hello lovely people,

I remember being introduced to Julia Jones work by a tutor.  I was doing my project on washing lines and she had created a beautiful collection of wire clothes which really inspired my project. 


I contacted Mrs Jones and she was lovely enough to answer my questions and give me permission to use her photographs, (all photographs are copyright of Julia Jones).

- Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I live in West Wales with my husband and children.  I studied Textiles at Winchester School of Art and The Royal College of Art.  While I was a student I won a travel award to Poland and Czechoslovakia where I discovered folk art and my work has been closely attached to this ever since.  During the late eighties I ventured into the world of metalwork as I wanted to see what would happen if my line drawings became three dimensional.  So I learnt welding and how to use wire.

-Where do you get your inspiration from?

My main source since the late 1970s has been Eastern European folk costume and embroidery.  I lived in Czechoslovakia and travelled Europe after winning a scholarship through my degree, so my work draws from the inspirations that I encountered during that time.
During my scholarship in 1988 I had a drawing of a Morris dancer that I wanted to make into 3D.  Through inspiration from others I bought Milliner's wire and bent it to echo the lines of my drawing.  I found the medium instantly liberating after ten years of working with textiles.        
I also like the construction of objects.  I collect wire bowls and lace that I picked up on my travels through Europe.  

-How long does your work take you?

It takes about 4-6 weeks per piece, depending on the complexity of the wire work.  If any shapes have to be formed and welded it takes me longer.  Of course I have to allow for mistakes too!  Things don't always turn out to look the same as they did in the original drawings.

- Do you have any new projects/exhibitions coming up?

I recently completed a project at The National Wool Museum in West Wales where some of the pieces are digitally printed cloth and some are a mixture of wire work and cloth.  These pieces are displayed as a trail through the museum and have activities for children attached to each one.
I am currently doing a project with engagecymru, Arts Care and Oriel Myrddin Gallery  in Carmarthen for people with Mental Health issues, we are working in metal, and the results will be on display in The National Botanic Garden of Wales in October.  
In the future I am Artist in Residence at Crafts in The Bay, Cardiff at the end of October, where I will be running wire workshops. 


I would just like to thank Mrs Jones again for taking the time to answer my questions and give me access to her photographs.  You can see more of her work at her website -

Dittery Dot

Monday, 13 August 2012

All Sewn Up!

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a nice day wherever you are :)

My lovely boyfriend bought me this absolutely gorgeous book!  It's called "All sewn up" by Chloe Owens.

It is full of lovely ideas for your home, like table mats, table runners, how to make lampshades, fun canvases and much much more.

I love the mini quilt, it's really sweet and fun.  I will definitely be trying this project first or maybe the table runner and place mats, oooh or the canvas.  Ahhhh I need more arms to sew everything :P

Dittery Dot

Monday, 6 August 2012

It's A Dottie Dollie :)

Good evening lovely bloggers,

I had got a pattern for a doll that I wanted to try and make.  I have made dolls before but on a smaller scale.  This one has longer limbs and body.

So here she is!! I think she looks great :)  The pattern had a hat and a bag to sew too but I couldn't get the hat to fit her head.  I think I have maybe stitched the seam allowance wrong :S  so will have to have another go at that.

I added the flower and ribbons instead of a sash.  Instead of using the Tilda hair I use some felt fibre and just stitch and glue it to the head.  

Once it was done I showed it to my mum who said "Awww she's lovely.  She will look great on my bed!"  So she has found a home :P

Dittery Dot