Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tiny, Cute Embroidery!!!

Hello, hope your having a good day wherever you are :)

I recently purchased a really sweet kit from Etsy.  The owner's shop is called "This Tiny Existence" (in case you also really like it and want to buy it).  

I have just started this kit here.  Although I know how to do satin stitch I have never used it in a project like this before and I am really enjoying it.

This is the first shelf that I have been stitching. I really love the cute wee bunting :)  I only purchased the iron on pattern because I have loads of threads to use up. And here it is all sewn up :) I think it's really pretty!

The next shelf I stitched up was the jars of buttons and flowers and weird little owl thing.

When doing satin stitch you should do the outlines first then fill in the part that's stitched.
Here is the finished shelf :)

I still have two more shelves to do but my eyes are feeling a bit sore so its time to go and watch some TV or read maybe........the hunger games it is then! :P

Dittery Dot

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