Friday, 27 July 2012

Gorgeous Organza Roses


I haven't made these wee organza roses in a while, but I thought I'd share them with you. 

What you need 

 - Organza (different colours)
 - Some card to do your template
 - Good pair of sheers or sharp scissors
 - Sequins/beads
 - Candle
- Felt
-Brooch back
-Glue gun/fabric glue

 Start by cutting out some different sized circles to use as a template.  You need a large one for your base and smaller ones to create the flower shape. I used different sized cups to make sure I got a perfect circle shape.  Then cut out lots and lots and lots of organza circles. 

Once you have done that you need to seal the edges of the organza.  If you want a frayed edge then that is fine, just skip this step.  Get your candle and hold your fabric above it, don't get too close because you can burn yourself and set the fabric on fire.  You just want to melt the edge a little and it doesn't take much heat to do this.

After you have done this you can start placing petals on top of one another.  Once you're happy with your flower put a pin through all the layers to stop the rose falling apart.  

Now the fun bit! Get all your beads, sequins, whatever you want to put in the centre.  Play around with them until your happy and stitch them down.  Then you can remove the pin.  

That's us nearly finished!!  Grab your brooch back, (I buy mine from Etsy), and sew or glue it to the felt circle.  Flip your rose over and glue your small circle of felt on the back to hide your stitches.  Tahh daaaa you have just finished your wee rose :)

Dittery Dot

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