Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Button Stools :)

Hello lovely people!

I started this project about two months ago I think and it's finally finished :D  My Grampy was sorting out some bits and bobs and I saw that he had two stools that he was going to throw out.  They used to be in the greenhouse, so they were a bit dirty and scuffed.  

So I got my Dad to look out sanding paper, white paint and base coat, so I could start transforming them into works of art!


So I got them painted and I ordered some decals from Etsy.  They were just the right size for the tops of the stools.  I got them from design splash and the shop owner was really lovely and helpful :)  They included clear instructions on how to prepare your surface and how to stick the decal down.  They advise waiting for 2 weeks after you have painted your stool etc because it lets the paint settle, and helps the decal stick better.

Now I have two cute stools for the house yay!!!  When I showed Grampy a picture of them he said could he have them back because they looked so nice :P

Dittery Dot

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  1. Aww they look so cute! Love that your grandad wanted them! xx