Saturday, 23 June 2012

Peek Into My Art Hole!


You know you find lots of long forgotten things in sewing boxes, ribbon bins and button boxes.  I was having a bit of a clear out, I had so much paper and odds and ends, spools of ribbon mixed up with knitting needles etc.  I always loved those shows that showed you the inside of people's houses, (I love a nosey around), so I thought I'd give all of you a peek at my stash! 

So this motivated me to get my art stuff in order once and for all! (or for at least a week :P).  

My sewing box is looking a bit neater? Don't you think so?  I even have flower pots in there because I don't know where else to store them :P

The bottom compartment is still a bit messy but at least all my threads are together and I have another tin for all my DMC floss and Anchor threads.  I am a very organised girl!

In another small sewing box I have all my beads, flowers, sequins etc.  And in an old butter tub that belonged to my gran I have my buttons and odds and ends. 

Ribbons are still a bit of a mess :S.  I have managed to squish them into a zipped bag but when it opens the ribbons spring out and kinda look like a burst couch :(  But it would be a very colourful couch :)

Hopefully I can keep it tidy for a while . . . . . perhaps not :P  

Dittery Dot

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