Monday, 18 June 2012

Be Sure To Wear A Flower In Your Hair

Anyone that know's me will know that I always have a flower in my hair.  I started wearing them in high school and now if I don't have one on I don't feel dressed.  After a while I got bored with shop bought hair clips because you would end up seeing at least one other girl wearing the same one.  So I decided that I would make my own.  It took me a while to find the bobby pins I needed.

I purchased these ones from Etsy, but I have seen them on Ebay too.  The wee disc on them makes it sooo easy to stick buttons, flowers etc to them.  These ones are just plain metal disc pins but you can buy copper, silver and gold ones too.  They come in all different sizes, so you can make your flower as big or as little as you like. 

So all you need to make your clips are some pretty flowers or buttons (or anything else you fancy) and a hot glue gun.  I've found that the glue gun is the best thing to use, superglue is really messy and leaves ugly white marks on the back of the pins if you're not careful.  On the right are my finished hair clips. 

Here are a few more that I created.  I got a set of wooden lady bugs at a wee craft store because I thought they were really cute and the butterflies were from a craft fair.  It's very easy to pick up bits and bobs cheaply.  I think they look very pretty and more importantly they are unique :)

Dittery Dot

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