Tuesday, 29 May 2012

When Life Gives You Scraps, Make A Cushion!

So today I was sort of clearing out and tidying my sewing stuff, (which is going painfully slow as I got bored after doing a shelf :P), and I came across all these lovely patches I forgot I had.

It made me think of all the embroidered things my gran, great gran used to do.  I wonder if they enjoyed the aspect of creating work with a needle and thread.  If so, then why is telling stories through stitch so important?  You can see how much work has been put into each patch so I wanted to re-use them and make them into something else.

So I just started by playing around with the patches and seeing which ones looked good together.  I was trying to make a large square around 16 inches square so it was easier to stitch this into a cushion.

Once I was happy with the arrangement I pinned it all down and started stitching with the sewing machine.

I used the free machine stitch foot with the feed dog down, as I found it was easier to do the circles.  I was using the zig zag stitch to join the pieces.  I had thought of using blue or pink cotton thread but it might have overpowered the finished design.

This is the finished design! :) On each patch I hand embroidered different sayings - 
  • Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing, the days pass quickly when I am sewing
  • Stitch your stress away
  • A labor of love
  • A stitch in time saves nine
  • Cute as a button
  • I would rather be sewing
  • When life throws you scraps, make a cushion
  • I'm a material girl - want to see my fabric collection
  • Memories are stitched with love
  • I cannot count my day complete, Til needle, thread and fabric meet
  • I'm itching to be stitching
  • May your bobbin always be full
I couldn't think of anymore to stitch and I had run out of patches anyway.

I then drew up a basic pattern for a square cushion and cut out my fabric pieces.  I used heavy cotton for the cushion back.  And here it is!!

I think it has turned out really well, and I still have patches left over so I think I might make a smaller one to sell on my Etsy store :)

Dittery Dot


  1. This is great! Such a sweet idea!

  2. Hazel this is my favourite thing you've made so far. You're a wee genius! I love all the sewing sayings you added. If you make another one I bet it would sell really quickly. xx