Friday, 4 May 2012

"Be Wild Like The Flowers..."

"Be wild like the flowers..."  is a project that I started with a very clear image of where I wanted to go with it, but I kind of got lost along the way.  I started by looking at weeds and graffiti.  I noticed that the two always seem to be in the same place so I took a lot of photographs of each.  Gardeners' don't like weeds in their gardens (my dad being one of them).  However I think that some of the weeks are really quite pretty in there own way.  Just like some graffiti is rather striking.  There are more pictures of this work in the Gallery page, please go and have a peek :)

This led me to create some fabric samples where I created my own weeds.  I used a lot of trailing threads and trapped seeds in the fabric. 

I started to incorporate phrases and words into my work - Be wild like the flowers, weeds, get out of my space, alternative.  I wanted to create my own graffiti so used some old wallpaper and covered it in stains and dirt to look like a wall, then used inks, pencil, masking tape to draw on abstract weeds.  There are more pictures in the gallery section of my blog, so please go and have a wee squint.  I even had a go at making some 3d weeds but this wasn't as successful as I had hoped.  That is really as far as I got with this project and I would really like to get back to it one day.

Dittery Dot

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