Friday, 20 April 2012

Suspended On A Line

In my second year at University I did a project called "Suspended on a Line."  I looked at washing lines, how clothes hung and how their shapes would change in the wind.  I have uploaded a gallery (with some assistance from my lovely boyfriend), which has more images from this project and the finished canvases that were created.  So please go and have a nosey :)

I looked at all kinds of pegs - plastic, wooden, ceramic.  How they have evolved from simple wooden shapes to spring loaded plastics.  I used a combination of plain, patterned and my own printed papers to collage.  And machine and hand embroidery to create the drawings.

Here is one of the three final canvases I made, you can find the rest in the gallery section on my blog.  This one is simply called "Granny hanging out her washing."  Isn't my wee Granny bonnie? :P  Cotton and  vintage silk fabric was used in all my final canvases, as was machine/hand embroidery and vintage ribbons.  This gave my work a vintage feel but with a modern twist.

Dittery Dot

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