Saturday, 21 April 2012

Family Ties

During my last year of University I decided to do my final exhibition project on family.  The project was called Family Ties.  Please find more photographs in the Gallery section of my blog :)

For each family member I created a memory box, doll and canvas.  This one is my Grampy's box.  I will Start from the bottom of the box and work my way up explaining each box.  My Grampy loves to collect stamps and has a huge collection now.  He is an avid reader with knowledge on just about everything.  He likes to write letters and watch the ladybugs in the garden.  He loves to grow plants and spends hours in the greenhouse.  Inside each box is a poem, a picture, a small object and word that they always say.  Each is hand sewn and embroidered. 

Each family member has a doll too, which have their name sewn on them somewhere.  Fabric was chosen carefully for each doll and I used lots of silk and cottons.  I went on a special doll course to learn how to do it properly.  Once you know how to make them the possibilities are endless.

Canvases were also made for each family member.  In this picture you can see mine.  I have a charm bracelet which has all my childhood charms on it, a story about my sister and a hand sewn photograph of my sister and I.

Hope you enjoy reading about this project and that the pictures make you smile.

Dittery Dot

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